My name is Jacky and I love to capture beautiful, interesting moments and personalities. I love to show people their very individual beauty. Everyone has something really unique, something inspiring. This world is so unique, so full of details. It’s always been fascinating me. With my camera I’ve found a way to turn my dreamy mind into art.

In the past I’ve worked in stage design, thats where my love for using preps, fabrics or with a nice set and beautiful clothes. Creating worlds. Telling a story. Setting free a mood.

I live in Berlin and I love to travel. I’m open for projects and events worldwide. If you want to know more about me, my work, or if you want to share some thoughts, ideas or a story – feel free to leave me a message.


AGAPE ZOE Healing Arts     agapezoe.com

SAM KRACH Tattoo             samkrach.com

Mother Roots Gathering      motherroots.earth

OCTOPIZZO                         octopizzo.com